12 October 2009

How to debug LoadVars call on phones - intro

To debug RPC and others http calls on PC, I use the brilliant Charles Http Proxy Monitor shareware.
You can also use the free WireShark (also knows as Ethereal)
It helps you to find a bug or a wrong return in seconds, without altering Flash code using a lot of trace.
I was looking for a solution for mobile, mainly a Symbian port of WireShark but never found it .
I only found IPTrace for Symbian (with output compatible with WireShark) but no chance to test it.
Note you could easily use WireShark if your phone is using a WiFi connection (more on this later...)
Plus, if difficulty wasn't enought, I would like to be able to debug RPC on the phones available at Nokia's Remote Device Access service.

What is Charles ? A HTTP proxy. So I looked for something similar for Symbian.
I found some but I also found a lot of people got strange behaviors on Flash Lite with local/on the phone proxy.
So I finally looked for a way to make my own proxy on my own server which will be useful for any kind of remote debugging (mobile or PC, FlashLite or others...)
You could use something called phpproxy but I personnally didn't try...I found the idea to control the proxy right from my desktop a more powerfull solution.
Do to that, I need to

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