02 September 2009

Wii with Flash Lite 3.1, free!

Thanks to scott, I just installed the Wii Internet Channel for free and with the last update (yes, even here in France)!
I planned to install it for so long...but I wasn't able to admit I had to pay for it!

It's a very good news (no just for me) because it means almost any Wii player will now be able to play Flash Lite games, for free.
A better stuff would be to Nintendo to include the browser on the next release of the Wii (with system 4.1+)

Now, the only problem is to find how to attract Wii gamers to our site.
All the Wii only websites I found about games are full of all Flash 6 games....


Anonymous said...

that's a good news!
I think that some kind of particular marketing strategies could start from WII with Flash Lite and expand to "normal" technologies like internet, widget and so on.
Are there some documentation and particular API to work on WII?!

Matt said...

Make a Wii Optimized site .

WiiCade API here


Then make sure you tell websites Like JoyStiq that you have made a site just for the Wii .