02 September 2009

Nokia X and others series

Nokia devices names are becoming more and more difficult to read...not as much as Samsung but ...
Not so long ago, you could say, according the name of the device, if it was a S40, a S60, a entry level or a professional phone...
Now, we have a 5310 (a S40 entry level) and the 5320 wich is a S60 entry (?) level....
I assume it's following Nokia announcement to make S60 for every one and not only professional (sorry, I can't find the link...)

And today, Nokia announced 2 phones
- the X3 : after the E & N series (for professional phones), here comes the X...for S40 6th Ed phones...so not professional phones !?! oh, and why X3 ? not X1 ? because of Xperia1 & Xperia2 of SE ?! ;)
- the N97 mini : do they try to make like Sony or Nintendo with their "buy the same device than 1 or 2 years ago but smaller !!!" ?

I must say I'm very confused...and I'm very happy Nokia helped me to fix my Flash Lite phones browser because I'm totally lost without it (no, it's not a self promoted advertising!)

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