17 September 2009

Iphone vs NDS & PSP ? Is it April fool's day ?!

Last week, Apple announced "DS & PSP games are not fun and too expensive...Iphone and its games are better" (or something like that)
Yeah sure...and the coming Apple Tablet will be better than PS3+X360+Wii, for sure!
I don't know if I must laught or cry.....

I'm pretty sure fun factor on pittyPhone games are great....but how many games in the AppStore are REALLY games, not casual games (ie games you end within 30minutes) ?

I also can't resist to compare these 2 speaks of Id Software' Carmarck :
The first is one year old and say how much the "iPhone [is] more powerful than Nintendo DS, PSP combined" (sic)
The second is from 2 months ago where he said the iPhone can't compete with DS or PSP on ' complete, dedicated titles' (so he means on good games?) and is not a true game platform because it lacks button
I also reproduce these lines because they explains why the pittyPhone will NEVER be a gaming platform (just a casual platform)
I mean, you look at DS and PSP titles, and you're talking a $20, $30 price point. But on the app store, a $10 game is considered super-ultra premium. So while the numbers are good in terms of sales, you certainly couldn't put in a Mario or Zelda-like development budget and expect to have a great chance of getting your money back.

Another interesting point of view is from a 'veteran game developper' :
too much people, too much games...no way to make a game on front of others ugly ones (unless big money and marketing of course)

Honestly I was waiting for this announce....since I discovered the pittyPhone had a TV Output, a feature which like some others are in fact present since the pittyPhone2 but not available until you jailbreak it...or buy the pittyPhone3

Wait and see...I'm happy to see pittyPhone lovers suddenly lost their smiles with this announce ("What is Apple thinking ?!!!") but, with no doubt, Apple will fix it soon ("Don't worry, We are genious")

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