31 July 2009

Samsung Application Store is now open

Soon after SE's one, it's now Samsung which launched its own application store.
Well, at least the Seller site since the application store will be available on Q3 2009.

Not as much information as for Nokia's OVI or SE's PlayNow like validation process, etc.., so I tried to register and what did I found ?
If you want to sell applications under your personal name, you should register as a private seller

It seems individuals could register and sell apps on Samsung Application Store for a 1$ registration fee.

It is a good idea BUT I suppose you also had to sign your apps...
It means 200$+20$/ea symbian ! (I need to check WiMo signing fees)
And, as some people already point out on OVI forums, you'll need a PublisherID to sign a symbian app....but you need to be a compagny to had a PublisherID !
I read some weeks ago changes are coming on this part but I don't know what and when.

So it seems we finally had a store opened to individuals BUT we still can't sign our apps to submit them...unless Samsung accepts unsigned app or selfsigned app ?
I don't know since I'm not registered yet and didn't find any information on this point...

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