01 July 2009

Playyoo Premium Program

Last week, Playyoo officialy launched their "Playyoo Premium Program"

What is the PPP ?
Well, for us, developpers, simply a way to make some money.
If you make a good game using their SDK, submit it for PPP enrollment and, if it's good enougth, your game will be available, at this point, on Vodaphone Italy.
else it will be available on Playyoo only...
Then, you'll receive (at least) 100$ every 5000 download...not a bad deal, no ?
Oh...and PPP accepts individuals...not only legal entities like others big ones

It's another way to make some revenues from fun.
I don't how good it is against a "70/30 share revenue" model...
See you in some weeks for my feedbacks since Poulpy's Game is actually accepted on the PPP!

The interesting point is the non-exclusive condition : it means your game could be anywhere, not ONLY on Playyoo....so, what are you waiting for ?!

I hope Ekleptica's Bog Frog is on the PPP too...it's, for me, the best game available on Playyoo

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