29 June 2009

Flash on Android...or the death of Flash Lite

I assume you know Adobe announced the first Android device with Flash

I first thought it was the port BSQuare talked about 4 months ago but it seems it's Adobe's own port.

So, why this title 'the death of Flash Lite' ?
Did you read on the press release or heard on Adobe spot these 2 words : "Flash Lite" ?
"Flash Platform" yes, but "Flash Lite" no
But, from the specs, we can say it's Flash Lite (AS2 support, Flash 10 in 2010...)
I personnally think we're seeing here the end of Flash Lite and the birth of Flash for mobile.
What the difference ? Probably none! ...except the resume nightmare (see below)

These last months, Adobe made a lot of change like with (Flash Platform, Flash Builder, Flash Catalyst...), I already told what I think about it and, now, I can add the mobile point of view...

So what is the 'resume nightmare' ?
Easy : what does a job title like "Flash Expert" will now mean ? Flash animator expert ? Flash Developper Expert ? Flash developper expert with Flex frameworks ? Flash developper expert in mobile ?!
Adobe already argued it's to make it clear...I still personnaly doubt it will !

My own experience : I'm receiving a lot of "Lead AS3 developper" job offers and I always have to explain I'm "Lead Flex developper", it's Flash, it's AS3...but I'm lost without my mx classes, components and Cairngorm !!!

So I can't imagine what a Flex developper will soon answer when he'll receive a Flash mobile job offer...or a Flash Lite developper an AIR/Flex job offer!

This said, I can't wait for AS3 on mobile !!!!!!


katopz@sleepydesign.com said...

why wait? http://www.insideria.com/2009/06/ux-discussion-skyfire-mobile-b.html

William Gregoire said...

skyfire....I got a bookmark on their download page for so long...

!unfortunatly :
1/ it doesn't work well in France (GeoLocation fails 75% of launch tries)
2/ it is bundled on major mobiles

but it could be interesting to use on a dedicated projects
Thanks for the link! I'll make a new test soon