04 June 2009

Flash lite on linux ?

Since I just discovered the Azingo phone, I made some research on Flash Lite from Linux based devices...
Please note these devices uses or can play Flash Lite. I'm not sure how and what for (ie UI, browser, standalone, widget ?)

For mobile, I so found
- Azingo
- QTopia based devices, using FLite player port from Calsoft Labs (see below)
- Linux 2.4 based devices, using FLite player port from BSquare

I thought the ALP based devices will add Flash Lite support too, since they used NetFront browser but I can't find any information..

For others devices, I found
- Chumby (Chumby Power!!!)
- SysGo
- QNX (Flash Lite 3.1.7)
- BSquare
- Calsoft Labs

I also found the Freescale optimized chip for Linux based device which will compet with ARM, Adobe partner ?

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