28 May 2009

Nokia's RDA tips

I'm only able to test my stuff on Nokia's RDA.
So I would like to share with you some tips I found playing with my daily 8hour/day on RDA (no, not EVERY day)

Quickly Test SWF (unique file)
Until recently, I had to transfer my swf to the device throught the File Browser then launch it from Gallery
I found a faster way : simply choose "Install", on the dialog box, select "all files" (its "sis, sisx, jar, wgtz" by default) and open your SWF...et voilĂ  !

Don't use 30 minutes when you only need 15 !
When you select your phone on the "Phones" main page, it's at most 30 minutes.
On "Reservation", you can take a phone by 15 minutes timeblock (even started timeblock, if you only need 10min and it's 08:20PM)

Check firmware
Firmware info isn't visible on the "Phones" page but if you roll over each phone on the "Reservation" page, you'll see their firmware. Actually, there are 4 5800 devices available : 2 with firmware v11 & 2 with firmware v20

Test as soon as possible
If a phone is available and you have some credit, test your app now! Never wait for tomorrow! Phone models sometimes disappear, without notice, from some day to forever

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