23 April 2009

Frustrating APIs

For the FL developer challenge, I planned to make a video-based app.
So I looked for available API to use.
I found a lot BUT everytime the same 'Terms and Conditions use' statement
the contents are ours and you can't use them nor alter them.

I understand you can't alter video and hide ads, these websites can't only distribute free content.
But what the use of these API then ? Just a "how to add OUR videos on YOUR site to give US money" ?
I even found a website taking the right to ask your website or app source to be sure you use their data correctly !

As I said, I understand but it's very frustrating to think you could do a killer app with what seems to be free API and be stuck reading the terms and conditions...
For every of these websites, I was able to find the mobile video files...but since I don't use the API nor agreed with their terms, it won't be a valid entry for the challenge...so no sense to use it...

Too bad...I now remember why I wanted to use FL only to make games : time is only use to code and draw...not to get rights and authorizations or talking with a lawyer.

Sorry, it's not a really useful post but I feel better writing it !


Ugur.- said...

Hey William, which APIs are these?

William Gregoire said...

The worst I found is GamesRadar's one.