14 November 2008

Strange preview with DC3 update 7

After reinstall Vista (for the 8th times!), I forgot to update Device Central upto update #7.
It's when I wanted to try under Sony Ericsson phones that I noticed it.

So I updated to update 7 and I so lost my mind.
Until now I tested my games under 3110, 5200, 7373, 5310 and N95 without problems.
But with this update, preview under 5310, N95 and 6300i became like preview under Sony Ericsson, in browser mode.
Don't know why....and I must say I have a real 5310 where my games work like under update #6
I'll see with DC4 when I'll get it.

See my logo screen

5200, no problem


N95 under FlashLite 2

N95 under FLash Lite 3, no problem

SE C902 (browser mode)

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