24 November 2008

Opera Mini 3 disappointment

As you know, I own a Nokia 5310, a recent S40 5th edition mobile phone.
You'll be surprised to know I received it with Opera Mini 3 installed (and not the latest one, Opera Mini 4).
Perhaps, like Apple, Nokia doesn't think Opera Mini 4 will fit on their OS and will consume too much battery.

Anyway, I'm currently making a mobile version on my upcoming website.
Of course, I test it under my phone and others simulator/emulator/SDK.
My websites use XHTML+CSS, which is very common (I should say mandatory!) for mobile website, and Opera is known for its great support on CSS.

Well...I must say I was VERY disappointed to see Opera Mini 3 is not like that...
I can't believe what I saw on my mobile screen :
- partial backround color
- wrongly interpreted CSS
- bad support of HR (yes...this old HTML keyword)
Give it a try :
just open 'Mobile test by Cameron Moll' on Opera Mini 3. It's dismaying!
Note this 'Mobile test' is a reference for Opera...when they talk about Opera Mini 4.

Opera Mini 3 is NOT a browser : Opera proxy gets your page, optimizes it for mobile (and from what I saw, VERY badly) and sends this optimized page to Opera Mini.

Some will say 'hey, update to Opera Mini 4'
I'm sorry but I won't be able to say people browsing my mobile site : 'hey, update to Opera Mini 4'

The last hope would be Opera Mini 3 bundled with french Nokia 5310 is a bugged version.

Yes, this post is here because I'm angry...

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