04 September 2008

Summer ending !

Finally, I get back my web access.
This summer I moved to a better place, with forest and river.
A very good place to work when I'm at home!
The hardest part was...to get my Net connection back!
But it's now there and so, I was finally able to look at the eSiminar I was waiting for ages : Project Capuchin !

I can't wait to see Capuchin everywhere!
I'm a great lover of Nokia phones (and their Symbian OS) but I must admit I'll probably change my phone for a SE C905!!

Nokia, please! make a Capuchin for S40 & S60 !!!! :)
Java is far easier for Actionscript developer than this ugly Symbian C++.
And I still can accept there isn't an easy way to deploy FLite application on S40 phones, the most sold platform (at least, here in France)

Side note : I didn't receive feedback on my Flash Lite Phones Browser, so I'll probably won't update it anymore, it's useless.

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