23 May 2008

Flash Lite 2 on Sony Ericsson phones

I was reading latest white paper on Projet Capuchin when I saw SE had a Flash Lite dedicated page

You should read Developers' Guidelines - Flash Lite 2.0 , it's very interesting...well, sort of...

I think the most important to read is

There are two main implementations in Flash Lite enabled Sony Ericsson phones:
• The “stand alone” model. Flash Lite exists as a separate media application in the phone. In some Sony Ericsson phones, this model is used for wallpaper or screensaver applications.
• The “browser based” model. Flash Lite essentially runs as a plugin within the resident browser of the phone.
This model allows a user to access Flash Lite content via an Internet connection without needing to open a separate application for viewing. It is also the default way of viewing Flash content via the phone file manager. This model is implemented in all Flash-enabled Sony Ericsson phones.


Network access from Flash Lite is only permitted for Flash files running in the browser plugin.

So, if I understood correclty, Flash Lite 2 applications will be launched throught SE's browser Acces Netfront 3.5

Something came to my mind :
Capuchin....It's pure assumption but it could be a Netfront embedded on a midlet. It's what every Flash(Lite) wrapper do, so you only have to make call to localhost (raw method) from the Flash file and pseudo browser will intercept it and respond.
It's also what I'm trying to do on Jarpa

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