17 April 2008

With sound, at last!

Yeah! I'm happy!
After some hours of works, I was finally able to add sounds to Poulpy game

Actually, it only works on S60 because I was unable to use 3GP like it sould be used : I used native sound objects.

So, this is what I discovered
1/ convert
Don't let Flash convert your sound for you, convert it yourself to 11KHz mono.
I got better results. Perhaps it's because of my source files, I don't know.

2/ short sound
Don't think a short sound would be a good idea.
I first tried to use very short song (some milliseconds) for blop, beep and others sounds like that.
I was very disappointed to hear all sounds but the short ones!
I remembered the problems my wife has with her samsung phone : 1 or 2 sec are always skeeped at the start and the end of her mp3.
So I added 100 ms blank at the start of the sound. Same problem.
So, I tried to add 100 ms blank at the end of the sound...Problem solved!
My (short) sounds are now with 100ms at the start and at the end.
Don't know if the blanks are needed or if the sound must be at least some ms.
I use the freeware Audacity for this.

remember ? NOTHING is easy to do on Flash Lite ;)
note I used a N70 with installed FL2 player, so perhaps it's different on others phones.
If you're not agree with this, just tell me.

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