13 May 2007

Analyse from Handango's Flash contents

I wanted to wait some weeks before to do it but someone already did it

Mariam posted an intersting point of view of current Flash Lite content available on Handango

I think wallpaper and screensaver can't be sold so much. People will say 'but it needed a lot of art works!". Yes, it's hard to find the equality between quality and price, but it's a reality : who want to pay 5$ for a wallpaper ?!

Yes, I'm alright with her analyse (low cost Flash Lite content).
So another analyse need to be done :

The main goal of this blog is to find a way, if any, to make money with Flash Lite content.
More than before, I'm sure business applications are the only way.
Perhaps games too, but you need to follow the GameLoft way : licence games, which need to be paid.

Let's be honest, the possibility to release a mega hit casual game is very small.
A company living with wallpapers, screensavers and games need to release a lot of them : minimum cost for maximum benefits.

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